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Spark the Change at the workshop with your Trainer Stefano Tempesta

A brief about Stefano:

Stefano is a Microsoft MVP and Chapter Leader of CRMUG Switzerland. He is a regular speaker at international conferences including Microsoft Ignite, NDC, API World and Developer Week.

Stefano is passionate about life experiences, technology and traveling. His interests span across Dynamics 365, Office 365 and AI related technologies. 

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About the Workshop: 

In the last quarter of a century, we have seen Internet evolving from a corporate website window to an interactive and socially connected network of individuals and organisations that share content and promote business. This brought, over time, a massification of our communication: When 20 years ago, magazines and newspapers could reach their audience only if a physical printed issue was in people's hands, now-a-days any piece of content could, potentially, reach the entire human kind. We are all connected by at least 6 degrees of separation!

The challenge is under our eyes: Fake news, dodgy businesses, online frauds... The answer? Blockchain is an emerging technology for organisations to almost instantaneously make and verify transactions, streamlining business processes, saving money, and reducing the potential for fraud. By combinin the openness of the Internet with the security of cryptography, Blockchain provides everyone with a faster, safer way to perform peer-to-peer transactions. Let's explore together emerging use cases of application of this technology to real world challenges, and turn them into business opportunities. As part of this workshop, we will also build prototypes of Blockchain applications, no coding required.



  • Get to know Blockchain, what is it and why it matters
  • Examples of what organizations are doing with Blockchain around the world
  • Hands-on experience building a Blockchain application (no coding required)

Target Audience:

  • Enterprise Architects
  • Data Architects
  • CIO's
  • CTO's


  • Introduction to Blockchain
  • The business and social opportunity
  • How is Blockchain currently used around the world
  • Business applications beyond financial
  • Business & community idea brainstorming
  • Lab: Building a Blockchain application with no code

Your workshop kit:

  • Printed handouts

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